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  • Restrooms are located on the Lower Level next to the Management/Security Offices, Lower Level next to Macy's across from Visionworks and Lower Level between Sears and Children's Science Center Lab.

    Family restrooms are located on the Lower Level by the Management/Security Offices and Lower Level near Macy's across from Visionworks.

  • Please report any lost or found to security officers. Lost and Found items are held in the Security Office located near Macy's with Furniture Gallery next to the Management Office.

  • Fair Oaks Mall is closed on Easter and Christmas Day.

  • Fair Oaks Mall offers a variety of restaurants and specialty foods throughout the center. Please see the mall directory located throughout the mall or visit

  • Fair Oaks opens at 8:00 a.m. each morning for mall walkers.  Enjoy the safe, climate-controlled comfort of Fair Oaks while you walk your way to fitness.


  • Call our automated number 703-359-8300 for the latest mall information.

  • Only service dogs are allowed in the Center. 


    Fair Oaks Mall is a privately-owned property. The owners, personnel and security staff may prohibit any behavior that is not consistent with the following rules of conduct.

    The following actions are prohibited at Fair Oaks Mall:

    1. Any act prohibited by local, state or federal laws or ordinances.
    2. Any act which could result in harm to people or property.
    3. Possession of any weapon other than by law enforcement personnel.
    4. Disorderly conduct, including using obscene or insulting language/gestures, loitering, running, yelling, fighting, throwing objects, littering, climbing on property, entering restricted areas, playing audio devices, rollerblading, skateboarding, bicycling or behavior causing inconvenience.
    5. Truancy.
    6. Possessing an open container or consuming alcoholic beverages other than in licensed areas.
    7. Possession, consumption or distribution of illegal substances.
    8. Distribution of literature or items, selling, solicitation of any kind, capturing video or photos. In each instance, prior written consent from center management is required.
    9. Failing to be fully clothed, or not wearing shoes or a shirt. Wearing clothing that is not consistent with a family-friendly environment, or is obscene, offensive or that may provoke a disturbance.
    10. Smoking.
    11. Bringing pets or animals to the center, with the exception of fully licensed service animals.


    The above is not intended to be an exhaustive list of prohibited activities. Management’s interpretation of the Rules of Conduct, and corresponding decisions, are conclusive and binding. Violators of the Rules of Conduct may be subject to expulsion, banned from the property in a permanent or temporary basis or arrested for violating the law.  The Rules of Conduct may be amended at any time, without prior notice to visitors.


  • Yes, Fair Oaks has the Michael & Son Fun Zone and the Pitter Patter Play Lounge.

    The Michael & Son Fun Zone is located on the lower level in front the Fair Oaks DMV and JCPenney featuring a variety of activities and play areas for youngsters.  Children are able to crawl through oversized tape measures and colorful rolls of electricians tape or sit atop a large antique shower knob. The centerpiece of the Michael & Son Fun Zone is a 15-foot long replica of Michael & Son’s signature blue and white truck, giving youngsters a chance to get behind the steering wheel or climb into the truck by way of a stair made of a 17-foot long hammer and then slide down the back of the play vehicle.  There is an height restriction of 48".

    The Michael & Son Fun Zone is closed for cleaning daily from approximately 3 pm to 3:30pm. 

    The Pitter Patter Play Lounge for infants and toddlers up to 24 Months is now open! Located on the Lower Level in front of Macy's. Sponsored by: HCA Virginia Health System

    The Pitter Patter Play Lounge is closed for cleaning daily from approximately 3:30pm to 4pm.

  • Yes, Fair Oaks Mall has a mobile app available for Apple.

    Features include:

    •            Map It – Easily locate stores, restaurants and entertainment as you shop.

    •            Plan It – Plan your trip in advance to get the most out of your visit.

    •            Love It – Save your favorite stores for quick info and a personalized experience.

    •            And Save! – Be among the first to learn about sales and promotions

  • Yes we do rent out wheelchairs free of charge, please go to the security office on the lower level behind Foot Locker and Spencers.


    Closest entrance to our Security Office is located near Sushi On Entrance between Macy's with Furniture and JCPenney's.